Following WWII many returning veterans were able to attend college under the so-called "GI Bill."  Syracuse University, like most other schools, was hard pressed to provide housing for all students wishing to attend.  One solution was to house students in army barracks at the Skytop facility near the Drumlins ski resort.  During the school year 1953-54, one of these old barracks was used by the new  Jamesville-DeWitt school district as a temporary facility for its seventh grade classes.  By the start of the next school year, Jamesville-DeWitt Jr.-Sr. High School was completed in DeWitt, NY., and the Skytop students were transferred to it.  Most of them went on to graduate from J-D in 1959.

The late Mr. Fred Maziarz was the Principal/teacher at Skytop.  Other classes were taught by Mr. William FitzPatrick,  Mr. Walter Lipfert, Mr. Daniel Savino, and Mrs. Charlotte Dewey.   If any of these students--or their family or friends--should happen across this site, they are asked to please communicate with me at  166 Armonde Ct., Madison, MS, 39110,  or at

                                                                                                                          Edward Hutchison
                                                                                                                              Madison, MS

Click here for the J-D alumni directory with updated info about students and faculty from 1955-1964
Front row, left-to-right:  Steve Weatherly, George Kaup, Paul Hayden, Jim Cowen, Glenn Ostrander. Second  row:  Pamela Miller, Judy Gates, Polly Roesgen, John Kozikowski, Donna Norcross, Susan Lawsing, Barbara Tew.  Last (top) row:  Richard Greene, Edward Hutchison, Don Quail, Mr. William FitzPatrick, Steve Sehnert, unknown, Michael Martineau.  Mr. FitzPatrick resides now in DeWitt, NY.

Front row, left-to-right:  Bob Keller, Ron Alexander, John Hutchison, Kevin Henry.  Second row: Linda Bazley, Mary Smith Tily, Delores Parks, Carol Fish,  Linda Craner, Sharon Montague, Mary Traynor, Carol Chamberlin, Kathleen Braun.  Last (top) row:  Gene Seidel, Joe Nyc, Richard West, Mr. Fred Maziarz, Dave Kuhnert, William Gessler, Bill LaFlair.  Mr. Maziarz died in January, 2001.
Some of these students met for a reunion in May, 2005--click here for photos and details